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Welcome! We offer a place for fellow Malaysians and friends in the Greater Toronto Area to meet and "cakap, cakap" (chat) about old times and get together to "makan" (eat) all the delicious Malaysian food that we miss so much! Our association organizes events such as Summer Picnic, Festival functions and informal gatherings so that our members can meet regularly. We also organize sporting events like the Annual Golf Tournament and weekly Badminton weekly sessions to keep our members active physically!


Please feel free to browse around our website. For Newcomers to Ontario, we have collected many useful information and links to help you settle here. For the general public, we have information about Malaysia in general and link to the Tourism Malaysia website. For all our members, we regularly update our website to inform of our upcoming events and we have collected photographs from our past events in the Gallery for your viewing.


Lastly, if you are hungry for yummy Malaysian food, then please remember to enjoy the best Malaysian Restaurant in Toronto serving authentic Halal Malaysian Cuisine.
Gourmet Malaysia Restaurant is also a 6000 sq. ft. Banquet Hall with beautiful stage for live performance and dance floor. Moreover, they also have a beautiful VIP Room with karaoke machine and dance floor with disco lights, ready to use for enjoyable singing club, ball room dancing, salsa dancing and bachata dancing club.

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Please click here to open the membership application form or click here for a formal description of the Association's objectives as provided in MAC's constitiution.

30th Anniversary Golf Tournament 2019

For Information and Ticket Reservations, please contact:
Henry Lee ~ Tel: 416-618-0966 ~ email: henrylblee@rogers.com
David How ~ Tel: 416-318-8308 ~ email: davidhow@rogers.com
Keith Tan ~ Tel: 416-996-8608 ~ email: kptan@rogers.com
Gopal Simon ~ Tel: 416-495-8024
Anthony Yong ~ Tel: 416-722-8335
Raymond Soon ~ Tel: 416-721-6130

SIGN UP: Reply forms to sign up for the golf tournament are available here
SPONSORSHIP: The MAC welcomes corporate sponsors for the golf tournament. If your company wishes to sponsor this event please indicate your consent using the sponsorship form available here

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